• RALEIGH, N.C. — Worry over drought conditions are once again on the radar. While Falls Lake is at 250.9 feet, which is 7 inches below full, Raleigh’s main water source remains a concern.

    The use of rainwater in homes could conserve millions of gallons of water and cut water bills.

    Some companies, like Cary-based FreeRain, are taking advantage of the reuse rain water push. The company installs storage systems, with drains and filters, which can harvest rainwater for indoor non-potable uses.

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    Source: WRAL.com July 10, 2009

  • Press Contact: Rex Bost

    Cary, N.C. – FreeRain, makers of rain harvesting systems, has announced that Founder and Managing Partner Rex Bost was tapped to join the NC Building Code Counsel’s Ad-hoc committee to help write a rainwater code to separate its use from the more restrictive grey water code. With the help of his input, the new rainwater code passed final vote on March 10, 2009 and should be implemented by Summer of 2009, allowing home owners to use captured rainwater for toilet flushing.

    In the fall of 2007, Bost submitted technical data to the NC Building Code Counsel supporting the idea of using harvested rainwater for indoor non-potable uses. The data was based on studies researched in Australia, Germany, Oregon, and Texas that suggested collected rainwater would be safe for flushing toilets and washing machines.

    Bost is a well-known luxury home builder who has been designing and building custom homes in North Carolina since 1986. He has been active in legislative involvement and leadership at local and state levels. His interest in green building and use of environmentally sustainable building resources led him to develop the FreeRain rainwater harvesting solution.

    The FreeRain rainwater harvesting solution was developed using water conservation technology that benefits municipalities, the building industry and homeowners. By collecting rainwater runoff from surfaces and storing it in an underground cistern water tank, the water can be reused after filtration. With the new rainwater code passed, homeowners will soon be able to use FreeRain to bring captured rainwater back into their homes for toilet flushing, saving thousands of gallons of water, energy, and money.

    About FreeRain
    FreeRain rainwater harvesting systems work by collecting rain from surfaces such as pavement, lawn and roof and then storing the collected rainwater in an underground cistern water tank for later use. A series of filters and pumps allows the water to be reused. A variety of tank sizes and types are available to meet home or business needs. The installed water system comes complete with an underground cistern, pumps, switches, filters and equipment covers. For more information on the FreeRain Harvesting System, go to www.FreeRain.com, or call 919-460-1180.