• Have you ever wondered what is the difference between rainwater and stormwater? What about the differences between potable water, grey water and black water.

    Rainwater is drops of fresh water that fall as precipitation from clouds. Stormwater is that portion of rainfall that does not infiltrate into the soil and runs off roofs, roads and other impermeable surfaces where it flows into gutters, drains, rivers and creeks.

    Potable water is water that is of sufficiently high quality so that it can be consumed or used without risk of immediate or long term harm. Potable water often has to meet government regulations in relation to contaminant levels and is physically and chemically treated to achieve these standards. Grey water is non-industrial wastewater generated from domestic processes such as dish washing, laundry and bathing. Blackwater is wastewater which is loaded with biological material such as faeces and urine. Blackwater can also be referred to as sewage or brown water.

    Source: Atlantis Corporation Australia

  • “Water to cost more in Raleigh”

    Water bills are going up. Again.

    The Raleigh City Council on Tuesday tentatively approved a 13 percent rate increase for Raleigh and Garner water customers. The increase, effective Dec. 1, takes the place of a tiered system of billing that would also have raised rates but rewarded residential consumers who use less than the average amount of water.

    The city delayed implementing the tiered system until next summer because of problems converting the old computer system to the new scheme, said Gail Roper, the city’s chief information officer. It was supposed to be running Dec. 1.

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    Using a FreeRain System in your home or business will reduce water bills by using rainwater for toilet flushing, irrigation and other non-potable usages. As populations increase along with the demand for water municipalities will have no choice but to charge more and more for this valuable resource.

    Source: The News and Observer
    Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009

  • 05 Oct 2009 /  Rainwater Uses

    Written by Becky Striepe

    Rainharvest Systems and Five Seasons Brewing teamed up to create a microbrew made from 100% on-site captured rainwater!


    Source: September 21st, 2009, EcoLocalizer.com in Atlanta, Georgia