• “Water to cost more in Raleigh”

    Water bills are going up. Again.

    The Raleigh City Council on Tuesday tentatively approved a 13 percent rate increase for Raleigh and Garner water customers. The increase, effective Dec. 1, takes the place of a tiered system of billing that would also have raised rates but rewarded residential consumers who use less than the average amount of water.

    The city delayed implementing the tiered system until next summer because of problems converting the old computer system to the new scheme, said Gail Roper, the city’s chief information officer. It was supposed to be running Dec. 1.

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    Using a FreeRain System in your home or business will reduce water bills by using rainwater for toilet flushing, irrigation and other non-potable usages. As populations increase along with the demand for water municipalities will have no choice but to charge more and more for this valuable resource.

    Source: The News and Observer
    Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009

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