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FreeRain System helps luxury condominium project capture another green award.


FreeRain System at The Landing at Southpoint
helps save owner $200,000 in stormwater system construction cost.


FreeRain Announces New Addition
to Management Team

September 21, 2009


Drought Monitor:

Visit the U.S. Geological Survey’s map of the United States’ current water resource conditions and click on your state for the most current and detailed drought information.

Office Water Usage Graph:

Less than 10% of the water used in an office building needs to be potable water – i.e. suitable for drinking.Office Water Useage GraphSource: http://www.EPA.gov/oaintrnt/water/background.htm

Publically Supplied Water Use in Gallons
Per Day Per Person and Projected Percent
Population Change by 2030:

US Water Use Graph

Source: http://www.epa.gov/watersense/basic/why_need.htm
Water data from USGS, Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 2000, County-level data for 2000; population data from U.S. Census Bureau, State Interim Population Projections by Age and Sex: 2004 - 2030

Population Growth Increases Water Demand in NC:

North Carolina Water Demand versus Water Supply showing Water Deficit Chart


Water Deficit = 664 million gallons per day by 2030


With an expected 52% Population growth by 2030 in North Carolina, the demand will exceed current supply by 664 million gallons per day (at 150 gpd/pp)

Source: http://www.EPA.gov/watersense/basic/why_need.htm

Population Growth Increases
Water Demand in the Triangle:

Population Growth Increases Water Demand in the North Carolina Triangle Graph

With an expected 100% population growth by 2025, the Triangle will demand for an additional 141 million gallons per day (at 150 gpd/pp).

Source: http://www.Bizjournals.com

Useful Water Resources and Links:



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