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FreeRain Commercial System Diagram

Commercial System Diagram



FreeRain is the turnkey solution for rainwater harvesting for retail spaces, office buildings, multifamily development and other commercial sites. Not only do FreeRain systems save water and money but are a valuable marketing tool in promoting a green and sustainable site. Utilizing a FreeRain system can contribute up to 11 LEED certification credits.

One of the challenges in commercial development projects is meeting stormwater runoff control requirements while containing costs. The large amount of land devoted to retention ponds represents lost revenue to property owners. A FreeRain system can be installed beneath parking lots that meets the need for storm water control and provides cost savings by supplying a water source for irrigation and reducing maintenance and liabilities costs associated with retention ponds. Current regulations allow a 1:1 reduction in the size of your BMP for every gallon stored in the FreeRain tank. Utilizing the underground FreeRain system creates additional developable area on your site.

Installation of a FreeRain system will lower the Total Cost of Occupancy of a commercial building. Occupants are increasingly interested in conserving natural resources and cutting utility expenses. Potential buyers recognize the value of a FreeRain rainwater collection system and it is an asset when marketing property.

Planning for and installing FreeRain during landscaping design provides additional value and demonstrates a commitment to maintaining your landscape investment while conserving resources.

Developers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of FreeRain. Some municipalities are considering FreeRain to help offset impervious surface restrictions and current North Carolina regulations allow a 1:1 reduction in the size of your BMP for every gallon stored in the FreeRain tank. Developments with individual FreeRain water systems experience significant benefits over traditional storm-water retention ponds which are unsightly, dangerous, high maintenance, and do not allow for reclaiming rainwater and runoff for irrigation use. See how FreeRain can help with your neighborhood planning and development.

Contact FreeRain today to learn more about how our rainwater harvesting system can benefit your current or future projects.

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