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Americans are showing an increased interest in conserving natural resources and look to government institutions and municipalities for policies that encourage environmental responsibility throughout their communities. FreeRain rainwater harvesting systems conserve a valuable community resource by capturing, filtering and reusing rainwater runoff. Not only does the system provide conservation benefits, but it also substantially reduces the amount of polluted water that flows into streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Because FreeRain can harvest and store larger water quantities than rain barrels, these rainwater collection systems are ideal for city parks, public golf courses and other municipal areas with large catchment surfaces. FreeRain also contributes toward 11 LEED certification credits.

Storm Water Control

Every time it rains, a valuable resource literally goes down the drain. FreeRain rainwater harvesting systems capture and reuse rainwater runoff and make good environmental and financial sense for government institutions. FreeRain can reduce storm water volume, which decreases erosion and storm sewer intake. Current North Carolina regulations allow a 1:1 reduction in the size of your Best Management Practice (BMP) designed storage volume for every gallon stored in the FreeRain tank. Utilizing the underground FreeRain System, saves you land cost wasted on BMP structures and enables you to develop the remaining property with additional building square footage, landscaping, open space or any higher-and-better use. Equipped with filters to retain debris and contaminants, FreeRain allows fewer pesticides, fertilizers and petroleum products to flow into municipal water supplies, such as rivers, reservoir and groundwater. The nitrogen and other contaminates are spread across the landscape by the irrigation system where they are then absorbed into the plant materials. Ultimately, the water quality of the watershed is improved.

Water Quality

Rainwater quality is naturally higher than that of treated tap or groundwater. But once it makes contact with a rooftop or driveway, numerous contaminates can taint quality. Using a FreeRain rainwater harvesting system, a series of filters and pumps removes contaminates and allows water to be reused. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers U.S. water quality guidelines through the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act, individual states have more precise water quality standards that determine how water may be reused. Currently in North Carolina rainwater can be used for irrigation, toilet flushing, makeup water for cooling systems and various other non-potable uses.

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